Problems We Solve

If we've learned anything over the past two decades, it's this:  

People call us because they have a problem and they want some help.

Sometimes the problem is the result of changing business conditions.  Other times, the challenge is caused by performance metrics that aren't aligned.  Or tight deadlines.  Or inexperienced leaders.  Or leaders with tons of experience who now find themselves managing a workforce that's unlike anything they've ever seen.  

Whatever the case, our training and coaching is designed to teach practical skills to address your company's most pressing problems.  And when these skills are supported by organizational leadership, the result is positive change.  

Below is a sample of some of the problems our clients have brought to us.



  • "I wish our leaders were more engaging."
  • “Nobody seems to trust our leaders.”
  • “We have a leader that gets stuff done, but she’s a total bulldozer.”
  • “We have a manager with a ton of potential, but he lacks confidence.”
  • “I'd rather shove a sharp stick in my eye than sit through one more boring quarterly review.”



  • “We spend way to much time putting out fires.”
  • “Our business is chaotic and complex, and we’re unsure of how to manage it.”
  • “No one seems to be asking the right questions.”
  • “We keep talking about the same old problem but we never get anywhere.”
  • “We spend far too much time acting without thinking.”
  • “We wouldn’t know a creative idea if it bit us in the…”



  • “How do we influence people when we have ZERO authority over them?”
  • “Our plans are solid, but hardly anyone buys in to them.”
  • "I wish our managers were more prepared for the difficult conversations.”
  • “Our people are resistant to change."
  • "I need help motivating my employees."



  • “We have a huge change coming up, and we’re not sure where to begin.”
  • “We just started this new implementation, and we’re already behind.”
  • "How do we communicate the change so people are on board with it?"
  • “I’d like to avoid all the problems we had the last time we tried to do something like this.”



  • “We need help understanding each other.”
  • “Half of our meetings are a complete waste of time.”
  • “We have a hard time dealing with conflict.”
  • “We have a new team and we want to get started on the right foot.”
  • "We need to take advantage of the diversity on our team."