Kevin Carroll is founder of Kevin Carroll Communications, and widely known as a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator. His passion is helping his clients think creatively and communicate persuasively. In other words, he teaches people how to be better problem solvers and how to get their message across clearly, concisely, and confidently.  Top shelf clients such as Merrill Lynch, Unilever and Cisco Systems (to name just a few) have been tapping into Kevin’s expertise for many years. Repeat business is his hallmark.

Kevin’s style is upbeat and engaging. His programs are interactive and real world. Not only do participants walk away with better skills, they walk away feeling better about themselves.

Kevin's strengths include his ability to connect with his clients, assess their talents, and coach them in a way that causes change to stick. Results are immediate and often quantifiable. Testimonials and success stories abound.

Prior to building his own practice, Kevin worked in the advertising business for 17 years and managed accounts for national brands such as Ocean Spray and Seagram. Kevin earned his MBA from Fordham University; he is also the President of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Speakers Association. (He also admits to having had a short and dubious career as a standup comic.)

He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Mary, and their two children.